Rich Chernomaz suspended for 1 game

The Elite League Department of Player Safety reiterates that game officials are not ‘fair game’ for abuse. If a coach or player feels the game officials’ performance was not to the standard they would like, there are avenues provided by the Elite League to explain their opinion.

Hockey is a game of emotion for all participants. It is understandable that emotions can be heightened within varying circumstances. However, it is not acceptable to use the officials as the outlet for negativity, regardless of the outcome. The coaching staff are considered the responsible personal regarding the emotion and standard of play for their players and certainly, coaches must lead by example within their own conduct.

Coach Rich Chernomaz does not have the right to display negative emotion towards the game officials and supplementary discipline is required. Rich Chernomaz, who is responsible for his actions which did not represent the EIHL brand in a positive manner.

Coach Rich Chernomaz is suspended for 1 game, effective immediately. In addition, a £1000.00 fine is imposed.

The Elite League will separately take up with clubs concerned over the quality of the Video Goal Judge system provided.

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